BEA lucky numbers club

BEA Lucky Numbers Club is a great opportunity to win cash prizes while raising vital funds toZoe Ricketts draw a winning number help us support local older people.

  • You can play for just £5.00 a month
  • The average first prize is £90–£100 each month
  • The more people who join, the bigger the prize pot

Join BEA Lucky Numbers Club

The prize pot is made up of 50% of the total money received each month.

  • 1st prize gets 50% of the pot
  • 2nd prize gets 30%
  • 3rd prize gets 20%

The remaining 50% of the total pot helps fund BEA’s work supporting local older people. We draw the numbers on or near the 28th of each month, and publish them in our newsletter, BEAm.

Join BEA Lucky Numbers Club now!

You can write your 3 favourite numbers (from 1–200) below.

We will allocate you the first of these that is available. If none of these is available, or if you leave it blank, we will pick another number for you.

Thank you very much for joining BEA Lucky Numbers Club.
We will confirm your membership within two weeks of receiving your form.

Paying by standing order

You will need to give your bank the following details:
Please pay a monthly standing order of £5.00 to
Account: BEA Lucky Numbers Club.
Account No: 31037293.
Sort code: 05 – 00 – 35

You can support BEA’s work in a number of different ways. All support is valuable.

However you are able to support BEA, we really value your contribution. We will use it to further our aim of supporting older people in the local community.