Torque Logistics

Bramley Elderly Action wanted to set up a social enterprise to generate extra income to develop our services.

“As well as many specific benefits from the relationship it’s helpful to know that we can turn to a local company for expertise and advice. We’re very impressed by the capability and the promptness of Torque’s employees.”

Lee Ingham, General Manager, BEA

Torque Logistics Ltd is a supply chain logistics operator based in West Leeds where it is aTorque Logo large employer. Torque wanted to do something positive to help within the community.

Stewart Firth (a director of Torque) had been a member of the West Leeds District Partnership through which he came into contact with BEA. Torque offered to assist BEA with business advice.

As a result, when social enterprise upBEAt was established in 2006, Torque contributed 25% of the share capital.upBEAt logo

Torque continues to make an enormous contribution. It currently:

  • manages the upBEAt payroll
  • provides staff time for business support
  • a member of staff is on the upBEAt board

Local people know of Torque through family members who work there or through one of the local suppliers the company uses. Torque wants to be seen as a supportive member of the local community and as a good neighbour, and provides not just money, but employee time to various charities to do this.

“We have a long tradition of working with the local community and have been involved with BEA for over 10 years. Torque has made Corporate Social Responsibility part of its culture and we’re proud to be an active member of the local communities where we are based”.

Stewart Firth, Director, Torque Logistics

BEA’s relationship with Torque was featured in How to get support from local businesses (Leeds City Council, 2014)

We are very interested in hearing from other businesses who have something to offer the local community and would like to consider being a BEA Corporate Sponsor.