Tim Staves

1. What’s your volunteer role? Driver and befriender.
2. How long have you been a volunteer? For about 18 months.
3. Why did you get involved? I could afford to give an afternoon a week to something charitable. I remembered BEA after donating my mum’s scooter when she died. I looked after my mother and mother-in-law and was missing having older people in my life.
4. Three words that sum up BEA for you? Fun, interesting, gives me a sense of satisfaction
5. What do you get out of volunteering? I enjoy it and get the satisfaction of doing something that’s not just for myself.
6. What else do you like doing? I’m a big Rhinos fan. I run (10k) and spend a lot of time with my dog, Dylan. I’m also a professional garden designer, which I started after I had my first stroke. (I used to work in finance and wanted to make a big change to my lifestyle after the stroke.)
7. Where were you born? Doncaster – I’ve lived in Leeds for about 30 years.
8. What’s your favourite film? Gladiator
9. And your favourite book? Pompeii (Robert Harris)
10. Tell us one interesting fact about yourself I’ve had at least four strokes, which I now know to be because I have a hole in my heart.

January 2018