Margaret Young

  1. What’s your volunteer role?
    Shop, drop-in, occasional escort and others.
  2. How long have you been a volunteer? Margaret Young
    10 years.
  3. Why did you get involved?
    To get over grief and meet others. To get out more.
  4. Three words that sum up BEA for you?
    Very helpful organisation.
  5. What do you get out of volunteering?
    Meetings lots of different people and making friends, being helpful to people.
  6. What else do you like doing?
    Shopping, reading, walking, organising activities.
  7. Where were you born?
  8. What’s your favourite film?
    ‘Singing in the rain’.
  9. And your favourite book?
    Hospital stories.
  10. Tell us one interesting fact about yourself
    I like meeting people and being friendly and helpful.

December 2012