Janette Jones

  1. What’s your volunteer role? I lead the Tuesday exercise class at Bramley Community Centre and supervise bingo on Thursdays.
  2. How long have you been a volunteer? Since January 2017, doing the exercise Janette Jonesclass since the Spring.
  3. Why did you get involved? After retiring, at first my family needed me, but then I felt a bit redundant. It’s given me back my pep and vitality!
  4. Three words that sum up BEA for you? Friendship, caring, included
  5. What do you get out of volunteering? Feeling wanted and valued. It’s good for my self-worth. I can do what I’ve trained in all my life.
  6. What else do you like doing?All sorts! Caravanning with my grand-children, and line dancing (which I’ve been doing for 23 years!)
  7. Where were you born? Lee Moor Common (a village near Wakefield.) I moved to Bramley in 1965.
  8. What’s your favourite film? Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
  9. And your favourite book? Things by Dilly Court and Josephine Cox.
  10. Tell us one interesting fact about yourself I’ll have a go at anything!

October 2017