I’m a BEA volunteer

Find out what drives our volunteers, what roles they take on, and what you could get from being a volunteer, as some of them answer our 10 questions.

What do you get out of volunteering?
“…Working with a group of people I admire.”


Volunteering “puts value on my life
and builds confidence and trust within myself.


“Needed things to fill my life – this is very satisfying and I never get bored.”


“We’re all friends here and have
a good laugh, so it feelsPatricia Craig serving a customer much more than just a shop.”




“As I’ve got older I’ve realised the value inIan McPhail at the computer supporting the older generation. It won’t be long before I’ll be there myself!”



Three words that sum up BEA for you?Kath Osborn
“friendship, communication, company”


“I feel privileged to have made Christine Kearsley
such a difference to his life.”




“If I start something
or join something I stick at it
throughMarian Padbury thick and thin.”



“It has definitely given me a different perspective of the local Jonathan Edmondsoncommunity, I have met some very interesting people and I have had a lot of laughs along the way.”



“I wanted to spend my spare time doing something Harriet Newton portraitproactive and worthwhile as well as meeting new people along the way.”




“I work part-time and wanted to use my spare time doing something for the community plus when my father was alive he had help from BEA.”

  • Eve Corry                            Eve Corry

“Volunteering is a fantastic way  to get involved and feel part of the community.”

Three words that sum up BEA for you?
“help, support, friendship”

  • Kirsten Miller                                                                      Kirsten Miller

“Not only have I made some good friends among the members I help, but it gives me a chance to have a break from work and get involved in the local community.”

Margaret Young

“I like meeting people and being friendly and helpful”

Steve Hodgson

“I’m retired now and found BEA would give me the opportunity to work with older people, which I have never done before.”

“It’s a wonderful organisation” (Sally)

“I must have knitted a whole shop full of wool” (Rose)

What do you get out of volunteering?
“Friendship with staff, volunteers and members, and a reason to get out of bed in the morning.”