Living with dementia

Bramley Elderly Action supports local people to continue to live well with dementia.

There are an estimated 8,400 people with dementia in Leeds in 2012 – just under 8% of people aged 65 and over in Leeds. This is likely to increase to 11,900 in 2027 – a 40% increase in 15 years. These numbers conceal the great diversity of people with dementia and the effects it has on each individual.

West Leeds Memory Groups

Bramley Elderly Action works with Leeds City Council, NHS Leeds and the other Neighbourhood Network Schemes in West Leeds to support older people with dementia and their carers through community based groups.

The aim of these groups is to give people the opportunity to meet others in the same situation, and get up to date advice and support.

Penny Lane
Pudsey Congs Cricket Club, Intake Road, Pudsey
2nd Tuesday of the month – 2.00-4.00
Friendly, informal social meeting for anyone with dementia and their carer. Various entertainment and refreshments.
Referrals are made through Alzheimer’s Society, Memory Services, other schemes or by self-referral.
There is always someone on hand from Alzheimer’s or Memory Services to answer any queries or to signpost people on.
Contact Pat Manning or Pam Ward, Pudsey Live at Home Scheme – 0113 256 2717

West Leeds Intergenerational Project
Raynville Primary School, Cross Aston Grove, Bramley, LS13 2TQ
Wednesday (term time only), 2.00-3.00
A fun, friendly group doing activities and games with children, for people with early dementia or memory problems.
The group is well supported by workers, volunteers and qualified teaching staff.
Contact Maureen or Susan, Bramley Elderly Action – 0113 236 1644
Transport is available from Bramley, £2.50 return

Remember Thursdays
Bramley Lawn, off Rossefield Approach, Bramley, LS13 3RU

1st Thursday of the month:
Singing for the brain – 1.30-3.30 – Do you like singing? Whether or not you consider yourself a good singer, join us for an uplifting afternoon of singing – drop-in, £1.50

2nd Thursday of the month:
Tea at the Lawn – 1.30-3.30 – Afternoon tea, reminiscence, chat and sing-alongs to bring fun and laughter to your Thursday – drop-in, £2.00

3rd Thursday of the month:
Sing-along movies – 1.30-3.30 – Pull up a chair and a cuppa for our monthly sing-along where we screen popular musical films and encourage you to sing along with subtitles and song-sheets – please book, free

4th Thursday of the month:
Remember Thursdays lunch – 11.15-2.00 – Give your tastebuds a reminder of holidays by the seaside with a fish ‘n chip lunch and entertainment or games. Arrive at 11.15 for a fun warm-up to build up your appetite – please book, £5.00

Please bring a companion, friend or carer with you.
Contact Rebecca Durrant – – or Rebecca Matthews – – or by phone on 0113 236 1644

Memory Lane
Strawberry Lane Community Centre, Strawberry Lane, Armley
3rd Thursday of the month – 12.0-2.30
A friendly, fun supportive group for anyone with memory problems and their carers and family. Members have lunch and take part in various activities and entertainment.
Referrals are made through Memory Services, other schemes and by self-referral.
Contact Karen, Armley Helping Hands – 0113 279 9292
Limited transport is available for a donation of £3.00

The Caring Sharing Café
St John’s Church, Bright Street, Stanningley, LS28 6NJ
3rd Thursday of the month, 1.30-3.30
A supportive group for anyone with dementia and their carer.
Two out of three meetings are split groups, with the carers receiving an hour of information or talks, and the members with memory problems are engaged in reminiscence activities, games and quizzes to suit each ability. On the third meeting we have a whole group activity or entertainment.
There is always someone on hand from Alzheimer’s or Memory Services to answer any queries or to signpost people on.
Contact Pat Manning or Pam Ward, Pudsey Live at Home Scheme – 0113 256 2717

Friendly Fridays
Lower Wortley Community Centre, Lower Wortley Road, LS12 4PX
Friday – 12.30-2.30
A Dementia Support Group run by Neighbourhood Action for people with memory loss issues and their carers.
Meets every Friday for a light lunch followed by a variety of activities including arts and crafts, games, minibus trips and guest speakers.
Contact Sharon, Neighbourhood Action – 0113 263 2945


Bramley Elderly Action sometimes runs extra care trips specifically for people with memory problems and their carers.

Please contact BEA Activities Co-ordinator Maureen (0113 236 1644) if you would like to join, or find out more about any of our groups or extra care trips.

Dementia – support and information

There are a number of valuable sources of information and support about dementia in Leeds, and nationally, including:

The Alzheimer’s Society booklet What is dementia? is very helpful and accessible. You can download it or listen to it.

Dementia – key information

  • Dementia is not a natural part of ageing
  • Dementia is caused by diseases of the brain
  • I’ts not just about losing your memory
  • It’s possible to live with dementia
  • There’s more to a person than dementia

Dementia – recognising signs and symptoms

Dementia is not just about forgetting things, which most of us do as we get older. It may be about many or all of these sings and symptoms:

  • Struggling to remember recent events but easily recalling things from the past
  • Finding it hard to follow conversations or TV programmes
  • Forgetting the names of friends or everyday objects
  • Repeating yourself or losing the thread of what you are saying
  • Problems with thinking and reasoning
  • Feeling angry, depressed or anxious about forgetting things
  • Other people starting to comment on your forgetfulness
  • Confused even when in a familiar environment
  • A decline in the ability to talk, read or write

If you are concerned about yourself, or someone close to you, talk to your GP. Then you can get help, whether or not it is about dementia.

With thanks to Alzheimer’s Society for information.