Home safety & security

Get information and support on all aspects of home safety and security.

Older people can be especially vulnerable to distraction burglaries, noise nuisance and many aspects of safety and security. A lot of good information is available, both locally and nationally, including:

Care & Repair Leeds
0113 240 6009 Care Repair Leeds Logo
Independent home improvement charity

Safer Leeds 
0113 395 0830
Community safety partnership involving Leeds City Council, West Yorkshire Police and others, whose aim is to reduce crime and disorder and to help people feel safe in their communities. Works on various issues including anti-social behaviour, safeguarding, hate incidents and localities.

SAFER Project
Provide residents with the knowledge, skills and confidence to protect themselvesSaferProjectLogo against Doorstep Crime and Scams, helping them to feel safer in their own homes.
0113 393 9809

Age UK
AgeUK LogoInformation on various aspects of home safety and security.

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Updated May 2018