Meet the Post Office Manager

Julie Haigh – Manager, Bramley Post Office

Julie’s been at the Post Office, at Bramley Centre, since 2001 and loves her job.

Julie really likes the fact that she deals a lot with people she has got to know, and that Julie Haigh at the counterpeople come in to see her and have a chat.

“I like getting to know my customers –
that’s the real benefit here.” Julie Haigh

She spends a great deal of her time on customer service, in one way or another, whether serving customers or dealing with enquiries. But she’s also responsible for ensuring levels of stock and cash, staff rotas and wages, and ensuring the weekly count of everything is done.

Julie feels her role, and the Post Office as a whole, is very important for local older people. She feels people trust and support the Post Office as a brand, and many come for information and advice on a range of topics. For example, Julie regularly helps people understand what they need to do when a loved one has died. She is a friendly face, and is happy to give information and signposting for things like phone numbers for services, bus timetables and even suggestions on where to buy things locally! All these things are particularly important for anyone who is not on the internet. People can also do photocopying at the Post Office which, again, is important for people who have less IT in their own homes.Julie Haigh

The one thing Julie doesn’t like about her job is that she occasionally gets abuse from customers, especially if people are angry about benefits. But she has learnt not to take this personally.

The role has changed, as the Post Office now does less things than it used to, and Julie does worry about the future.

Julie works 4.5 days a week. She spends the majority of the rest of her time with her family.