Meet the pharmacist

Zahida Kosar (The Co-operative Pharmacy, Bramley)

Zahida is the welcoming manager of the Co-operative Pharmacy at Bramley Centre, where she and her staff do far more than dispensing prescriptions. The pharmacy runs a number of services that are particularly valuable to local older people.Zahida Kosar

They also sell a large range of products, such as cups with large handles and small step up stools, to make daily life easier for customers. Staff will always be happy to give advice about the most suitable products – do ask if they’ve got anything helpful for your situation. Zahida and her staff can also ‘signpost’ people to other healthcare service providers, as appropriate.

“We are the best port of call for all queries about medication. Don’t be shy or scared to ask. We’re never too busy. We can make time for people.”

Zahida finds it very rewarding to be in a position where she can help people. This can often be through quite simple information and advice, such as if someone has trouble swallowing tablets.

“You can see the difference it makes for people’s lives.”

Zahida is ‘the responsible pharmacist’ – which means she Is responsible for the safe and effective running of the pharmacy – and is branch manager, with overall responsibility for everything it does, including compliance with all legal issues and ensuring that all staff are fully trained to work on the counter and the dispensary.

Zahida works four days a week. Most of her ‘free time’ is spent with her one year old baby. Say hello to Zahida if you pop in the pharmacy.