Meet the banking advisor

Donna Wells – Yorkshire Bank, Bramley

Donna has been at Yorkshire Bank for 11 years, initially as a cashier, but in this role for 10Donna Wells years, the last 5 in Bramley. She deals with individual banking needs, helping customers with a variety of ‘products’, including opening current accounts, savings, insurance and helping people register Power of Attorney. She also carries out financial reviews with customers, which can really help people identify and sort our problems, such as direct debits they should no longer be paying. Donna has appointments but is also frequently available on a drop-in basis. She also does her share of reception and phone answering duties.

Donna really enjoys talking with customers. Her appointments can last anything from 15-90 minutes so she really gets to know people. Her customers are of all ages and from all walks of life. She can usually find a solution with a customer and gets great satisfaction from being able to help.

Donna is not so happy on the rare occasions when she doesn’t have an answer. Sometimes people really need some help, but it’s not always something their bank can do. Even then, Donna will always try to point people to the right place, such as debt charity StepChange or Citizens Advice and find phone numbers for them, rather than just turn them away.

Donna Wells outside Yorkshire Bank, BramleyDonna knows that her role is very important for older people, many of whom are far happier to have someone to talk to face-to-face rather than using a machine. She can help people continue to control their own banking, however they prefer to do it. She always takes the time to explain things to people.

Donna is very aware that many older people can be cautious of banking online. She is very happy to help people with this if they would like to try. She can also demonstrate the various services available from ATMs including help with PINs if needed.

“We will do our best to help, whatever it is”

The bank is an important part of the community for many people. She and all the staff want older people to feel really welcome there and they aim to make their service as accessible as possible.

Donna went to school in Wortley and Armley, and now lives in Birkenshaw. She is very involved as a choreographer in productions for LIDOS (Leeds Insurance Dramatic and Operatic Society), which she loves doing. She also likes reading.