Intergenerational work

Bramley Elderly Action believes that young people, as well as older people, can feel Generations together at Bramley Carnivalmarginalised and excluded from society, and may often have few links with each other. This can fuel fear and negative opinions. We support ‘intergenerational work’ as a way of helping older people and young people play a full part in the local community, so both can thrive.

We do this in various ways, including welcoming young volunteers, and involving primary school children in groups such as our school group, and our singing group.

“I enjoy seeing children express themselves,
they ask questions
and we enjoy each other’s company.” Brian

Bramley For All Ages

We are part of Bramley For All Ages, an alliance of local organisations (including schools, community groups and Bramley library) that want to improve community relations by increasing intergenerational contact.  The alliance was born out of a local celebration for the first European Day of Solidarity Between Generations, in 2009. We have organised a number of intergenerational events including singing, poetry and circle time. Our vision is to have a group of older people attached to each school. We plan to recruit an Intergenerational Development Worker to deliver our vision.

What is an intergenerational approach?

An intergenerational approach:

  • brings people of different generations together to develop understanding, respect and trust
  • values the skills and experiences of people of all ages
  • strengthens communities by developing mutual cooperation
  • promotes good mental and physical health and reduces isolation and loneliness
  • supports a sense of belonging and citizenship and tackles the fear of crime
  • raises attainment and develops the aspirations of all generations.

Bringing Generations Together: Leeds’ Intergenerational Approach’
(Leeds Initiative, 2010)