BEA Challenge

The 2018 BEA Challenge will be at Bramley Lawn (off Rossefield Approach) on Saturday 6 October 2018

Come along to BEA Challenge. have a look at the fantastic things that local peopleBEA Challenge 2018 image have made, many of which you’ll have an opportunity to buy in an auction, and help raise funds for BEA too!

Enter BEA Challenge

Exhibition of entries – 12.00-2.00

Auction of work – 2.30-4.00

Refreshments available.

Bramley Challenge –  2018 categories

  1. Art (open)
  2. Cake (1 cake)
  3. Knitting (open)
  4. Cross stitch (open)
  5. Embroidery (open)
  6. Crochet
  7. Model work (craft)
  8. Flower arrangement (flowers from garden)
  9. Flower arrangement (up to £5.00 spent on shop bought flowers)
  10. Photography (any size print)
  11. Jam/marmalade
  12. Pickles/chutney
  13. Savoury pie