Bramley elders untangle the web

Bramley Elderly Action has launched its own website – – to help more local older people find out about and use its services.

The new website contains details of the many groups, activities and trips run by the charity, as well as great quotes from some of their many volunteers and information to encourage older people to get involved in the community. Brian Myland using the new website

BEA member, Brian Myland, aged 76, said:

“This new website means I’ll be able to get info I need out of office hours, which will be a real help to me.”

Lee Ingham, Manager of Bramley Elderly Action, said:

“We’re delighted that we’re catching up with some of our members! And we think it will the website will be particularly important for relatives of local people, perhaps living far away, who want to help find support in Bramley. They’ll be able to Google ‘older people Bramley’ and they’ll get us.”

BEA are aware that though the majority of their members may not have access to the internet themselves, they are increasingly being helped by younger family members, including grandchildren, to access vital information. Rob Cook, Communications Co-ordinator said:

“We see such ‘inter-generational’ work as crucial in efforts to reduce the ‘digital divide’, where older people can be excluded from so much information if they cannot access the net. As with our use of Twitter, the website is also an important way for funders, commissioners and local politicians to find out more about our work.”

The organisation plans to develop the website with more personal stories, and links to what’s happening in the local community.

Bramley Elderly Action is an independent charity which provides opportunities and support for older people, aged 60 and over, in Bramley, Swinnow and parts of Stanningley. The organisation has about about 1,100 members and about 150 volunteers, ranging in age from 18-97!

For more information

Lee Ingham – Manager, Bramley Elderly Action – – 0113 236 1644 

Note to editors

  • Bramley Elderly Action was founded in 1994
  • It is one of 38 independent Neighbourhood Network Schemes for older people in Leeds