Debbie Fawthrop

Activities Co-ordinator

I was born and bred in Bramley and I’m a rite Yorkshire lass – or so I’m told. I now live in Stanningley with my husband Ross and daughter Shanice.Debbie Fawthrop

In my spare time I am a dance mum; often travelling up and down the country to competitions and shows or sat cross-eyed sewing sequins to the next costume. I even try a little dancing but I have two left feet so no Ginger Rogers!

My role is to look after the array of existing activities and groups currently offered ensuring they are running along nicely with good numbers and interesting agendas to keep all our members busy, active and happy. I will also be looking into new ventures and ideas for keeping things moving and new.

I have worked within activities for over 10 years, in various roles and industries. I have tried, tested and tinkered with most things from knife and fork bingo to laughter yoga and zorbing. I understand that we are all different, like different things and have different opinions on what is right for us – different is good and I like different, life would be no fun if we all liked the same thing.

I would like to think of myself as a butterfly; taking a sip of information from every flower that I meet and transforming ideas into amazing projects.

Please say hello if you see me around or pop into the office anytime for a natter – all ideas, suggestions and comments very welcome.