Annual report

We produce an annual report of our activities and accounts.

You can download our Annual Report 2019-2020 & Calendar 2020 here. It’s full of photos and statistics celebrating the work of BEA members and volunteers, and the range of activities available.

We give a free copy of our annual report and calendar to all our members and volunteers.

Our calendar and report is beautifully produced and very practical for writing down daily appointments. If you are not a member of BEA, or you would like to give extra copies to friends, family or neighbours, we can send you the calendar by post and you can make a donation to cover our costs and postage.

You can also pick up a copy (and give a donation without p&p costs) at our office in Bramley Community Centre, at Bramley Community Shop or at Bramley Lawn.

Please complete this form if you would like to order our calendar to be delivered to you, and make your donation at the BEA page on Virgin Money Giving.

Thank you for ordering the BEA calendar and annual report. We will send it to you as soon as we can.

Our annual reports include a financial summary for the year. You can read our detailed financial and compliance history on the Charity Commission website. 

Previous BEA annual reports: