1994-2014 – celebrating 20 years of BEA

1995 Annual Report Cover1994

  • Set up in April with funding from Leeds City Council, as a response to the Community Care Act
  • Sheila Mahon Co-ordinator, started on her own in office at St Peters Church

“BEA has always been one of the most dynamic and forward thinking schemes and long may this continue.”
Bill Rollinson, best memory


  • Took on office at St Catherine’s Mill

1996 Annual Report Cover1995

  • First AGM
  • Office moved to 331 Upper Town Street

1996-97 Annual Report Cover1996

  • Additional funding from the Lottery and Comic Relief
  • Increased area to include Gamble Hill
  • First minibus bought for £2,000

1997-98 Annual Report Cover1997

  • Took on another support worker and a handyperson (7 staff in total)
  • Funding from Opportunities for Volunteers
  • Involved in campaigns against closure of residential homes and Owlcotes bus service

1998-99 Annual Report Cover1998

  • Reached 1,000 members and 100 volunteers

“I haven’t been swimming since I was a child. I wouldn’t have gone without the group because I would have been too frightened.”
Joyce Ritchie, best memory


“Taking members of the stroke club to the Breece in Scarborough, and helping them enjoy the sorts of things they had done before having a stroke, even building sandcastles.
Sheila Mahon (BEA co-ordinator, 1994–2008),
best memory


  • Holiday in Scarborough

1999-2000 Annual Report Cover1999

  • Buy fully accessible minibus

2000-01 Annual Report Cover2000

  • 4,300 journeys organised

“Getting to meet new people and make new friends.”
Margaret Crew, best memory


  • More than 900 annual review and community safety visits to members

“Going on my very first trip to the theatre, it was a trip to remember.”
Shirley Webster, best memory


2001-02 Annual Report Cover2001

  • National Service Framework for Older People
  • Began extra care trips – half days with escorts for wheelchair users or just an arm to hold on to

2002-03 Annual Report Cover2002 Calendar Cover2002

  • Attendance at groups increased by nearly 50%

“Being able to rely on BEA support to enable older people (my tenants) to live more interesting and varied lives.”
Jane Dawson (Manager, Rossefield Manor extra care housing scheme), best memory


  • Attendance at trips and events increased by nearly 40%

2003-04 Annual Report Cover2003

  • 9,000 passenger journeys

2004-05 Annual Report Cover2004

  • About 1,200 members and more than 130 volunteers

“Meeting and getting to know so many of our members.”
Joan Lockett, best memory


2005 Calendar Cover Web2005

“When we used to go to Breece at Scarborough, taking people on holiday that would not normally be able to go away.”
Jennifer Evers, best memory


2006-07 Annnual Report Cover2006

  • More than 7,500 attendances at group activities

“When we took 35 members to Llandudno a 90 year old lady was so pleased to have a sea view room she just wanted to sit out on the balcony looking out to sea most of the day.”
Maureen, best memory


  • New social enterprise UpBEAt established
  • More than 1,300 attendances on trips and events

2009 Calendar Cover2007

  • 8,000 participants in 650 activities

“When getting driven past BEA for an interview I was blown away hearing about the fantastic achievements of the neighbourhood.
Sandie Keene (Director of Adult Social Care,
Leeds City Council, 2007–14), best memory


2010 Calendar Cover2008

2011 Calendar Cover2009

  • Temporary shop opened in Viewpoint, Bramley Centre

“The reaction from the public on hearing that our blue minibus had been stolen after reading the article in the YEP. Many people sent in donations and stories about their links with BEA.”
Zoe Ricketts, best memory


  • 142 volunteers contributed over 10,000 hours, worth over £100,000

2012 Calendar Cover2010

“I became a volunteer after 10 years of retirement being lonely and isolated. I now have great friends and life has become great again. The staff are so helpful and friendly.”
Betty Steele, best memory


“All the trips that I have been on and the many friends I have made.”
David Richardson, best memory


  • Blue minibus stolen – tremendous response from public

2013 Calendar Cover2011

“Bramley Elderly Action is fun. I like that the ladies are interested in what I have been doing.”
Holly (aged 8)


  • Set up OWLS (Older, Wiser, Local Seniors) in Headingley, Burley, Hyde Park and parts of Kirkstall
  • First tweet from @BramleyElderly

2014 Calendar Cover2012

  • Westminster trip

“The Westminster visit was an excellent day out. We had a guided tour of the House of Commons and the House of Lords.”
John Whitley, best memory


“The BEA tea tent at Bramley Carnival for The Queen’s diamond jubilee … there was such a good atmosphere and
so many people there, with the yummy cakes and china tea cups and all the bunting! And Cllr Ted Hanley taking a turn round the dance floor!”
Rachel Reeves MP, best memory


  • Jubilee carnival celebrations at Bramley Carnival

BEA Annual Report1314 Front Cover2013

“When I went to Bakewell. We had a very good day.”
Marlene Cording, best memory


  • Community asset transfer of Bramley Lawn from Leeds City Council

BEA Calendar 2015 front cover2014

  • New war memorial in Bramley Park with support from BEA
  • Gala evening at Elland Road

“When I went to BEA with Tom Riordan (Chief Executive of Leeds City Council), Lee had the cheek to ask Tom if he could help get the digital clock from the Yorkshire Post building, so he could put it on the BEA building.”
Mick Ward (Head of Commissioning, Adult Social Care, Leeds City Council), best memory


  • Opened Bramley Lawn
  • New Community Shop at Bramley shopping centre
  • Service at St Peter’s Church with BARCA-Leeds to celebrate 20 years of work