Are you ready for the Challenge?

BEA Challenge 2018 will be at Bramley Lawn on Saturday 6 October. BEA Challenge 2018 image
BEA Challenge is a great way to show and share traditional skills and celebrate local talent, and to win with something you have made – and it’s a great fundraiser for BEA too!
BEA Challenge is open to anyone of any age.
You can enter this year’s Challenge in any of the following categories:
  1. Art (open)
  2. Cake (1 cake)
  3. Knitting (open)
  4. Cross stitch (open)
  5. Embroidery (open)
  6. Crochet
  7. Model work (craft)
  8. Flower arrangement (flowers from garden)
  9. Flower arrangement (up to £5.00 spent on shop bought flowers)
  10. Photography (any size print)
  11. Jam/marmalade
  12. Pickles/chutney
  13. Savoury pie

But, If you have a skill not mentioned please enter your item – we’ll find a judge!

Get your entry form in by August 31. But you can start making your entry now!