Getting the right mix – we’d love to hear from you

What do we do well, what do we need to improve on and what don’t we do that may be good to do?
Those are the questions we’re asking ourselves at Bramley Elderly Action as we embark on a review of our service mix. We’d love to hear your thoughts if
  • you use our services
  • your relatives or friends use our services
  • you come under our age bracket and live locally but are not involved with us
  • you live in the local community, whatever your age.
Please get in touch with Rob Cook on the form below.
We’d also love to hear from you if you’re involved in another organisation that works with older people in the community, wherever you are in Leeds or elsewhere. We’re really interested in finding out what services other organisations are proud of. What works really well? What gets consistently good feedback? What’s innovative and interesting?
Please get in touch with Rob Cook on the form below to share your experiences.